The GLine line offers a range of products and tools designed and developed by Galiffa Kart to improve the performance of karts and facilitate the work of all kart enthusiasts

Thanks to extensive experience in karting gained over years of work out on the track and in the workshop, in 2014 Galiffa Kart created the GLine brand.

It is a comprehensive range of accessories for karts designed to help all kart enthusiastsfind the most competitive, useful and advanced tools for their vehicles. In a sport in which thousandths of a second count, even the smallest of details can make a difference. Furthermore,to fully enjoya day out on the track, the right, quality and easy to use tool can prove to be the best ally.

The GLine range includes lots of specific products, both for engines and chassis: from oil recovery tanks to the petrol pump supports; from gear wheels to discs for convergence; from engine support plates to hubs; from water pumps to seat supports and radiator brackets. However, the GLine line of accessories goes even further, offering a catalogue that also contains a series of useful tools specially designed for the needs of kart enthusiasts. For example, the range of products includes a practical and lightweight kart trolley, an extractor key, a chain spreader and many other practical tools to work on karts and facilitate the various jobs that may need doing out on the track.

The entire GLine product line is on sale in the section of the website dedicated to e-commerce: Galiffa Kart’s online shop.