Research and development of TM Racing engines are the basis of Galiffa Kart’s business. For over 20 years

Galiffa Tuning is Galiffa Kart’s research and development department. It represents the heart of the company, because it all started with engine tuning in 1994, at the behest of Gianfranco Galiffa. An engineer who soon realised that the figure of the "tuner - sorcerer" ( aperson who could understand how to prepare an engine merely by using intuition and listening to the sound an engine makes) would be short-lived.

That is why Galiffa Kart opened the Galiffa Tuning division right away and started to plough all of its investments there. Cutting-edge tools were necessary and, nowadays, have become indispensable and unavoidable: a dynamometric engine test bench and a flushing bench for carburetors, among others. A strong will and much study, perseverance and the will to question yourself each time were necessary and still are, to this day.

All elements that can be found in Galiffa Tuning’s DNA, which serves to refine, control, balance and modify every single component of every single engine that it works on:

  • cylinders
  • reed valve packs
  • crankshaft
  • crankcase
  • pistons
  • head
  • conveyors

The aim?

Always and only that of having an engine capable of providing the driver with the widest range of use and maximum possible amount of torque. All of the above, obviously, together with the utmost achievable increase in power. This work has been going on continuously for over 20 years, a continuous search for that extra bit of performance to offer to its drivers.


Test bench




Banco prova