Through the care and preparation of engines and chassis we give form and practicality to the passion of kart enthusiasts


Through the care and preparation of engines and chassis we give form and practicality to the passion of kart enthusiasts

Galiffa Kart headquarters is located in S. Egidio alla Vibrata, just a few minutes away from the Val Vibrata kart circuit. Our headquarters occupy an area of about 600 square metres, spread over two floors, where all the essential services for kart enthusiasts can be found. Here, every question and every wish related to this magnificent sport receives a competent and passionate answer.


The areas dedicated to chassis occupy the largest space on the ground floor of the company. In addition to the warehouse in which the karts are kept, a large section is used as a preparation area for chassis, where there is also a flatbed on which to perform accurate checks on the frames.


The logistic heart of Galiffa Kart are the offices, where all the activities not directly related to chassis preparation and engine tuning are carried out; accounting, sales area, administration, logistics, marketing and customer service. There are also the offices of those responsible for planning all of Galiffa Kart’s activities.


The showroom and warehouse are the gateway to the world of Galiffa Kart. These areas exhibit karts and engines, new or just overhauled, as well as accessories, technical clothing, equipment, lubricants and everything you need to get out onto the track. Besides what you can physically see, at Galiffa Kart anyone can find competence, preparedness, customer care and attention to detail.


Galiffa Kart has dedicated the entire basement to engines. Starting with the mechanical workshop, where the main maintenance and assessment operations are performed on engines that an increasing number of enthusiasts ask the experienced Galiffa Kart engine specialists to carry out overhauls and tuning on.


Together with the cylinder processing department, the area where the test bench is located is the heart of Galiffa Kart’s Galiffa Tuning department. Here, tests are carried out on the engines and any useful information is collected in order to improve the tuning of engines, both for amateur use and for the more important national and international races.


To complete the picture of the spaces dedicated to engines, there is an area dedicated to assembly, where each component is fine-tuned and the engines are finally assembled, ready to get out onto the track and ensure performance and fun for all kart enthusiasts.