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– Resin lamellar pack subjected to various flushing tests, to define the most performing shape of the insert and the slats.
– The reed valve pack is the maximum development available for optimizing engine intake.
– Used in all major international competitions. Winner of the FIA Karting European Championship KZ2 2018 and 2019 and Italian Championship 2018 and 2019.

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The graphs compare the tests carried out by the Galiffa racing department on a standard kzr1 lamellar pack and a Galiffa prepared kzr1 pack with a special resin conveyor. The first graph takes into consideration the flow rate on section [m / s], the second the flow rate [m3 / h], always maintaining the pressure [mmH2o] with a constant growth of 100 [mmH20].
Analyzing the graphs, we can see that both the flow speed and the flow rate are greater for the pack prepared in all the points taken into consideration. In particular, at a pressure of 200 [mmH20] the graph shows a flow rate of 2.4 [m / s] for the prepared pack, against a flow rate of 2.1 [m / s] for the
version standard. This difference remains constant until the end of the test.
Similarly, it is noted that the flow rate at 200 [mmH20] is 40.4 [m3 / h] in the pack prepared against 40.1 [m3 / h] of the standard one. Also in this case the value remains constant until the end of the test at a pressure of 600 [mmH20]. Standard pack at the end of the test: flow rate 151.8 [m3 / h], speed [7.45m / s].
Galiffa prepared pack at the end of the test: flow rate 155.4 [m3 / h], speed 7.63 [m / s].


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