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– The carburettor European Champion KZ2 2019 and Italian Champion 2018 and 2019. Galiffa Kart exceptionally makes available the performance carburettor, the same that has allowed Emil Skaras to graduate European KZ2 Champion 2019.
Tested and developed in the international FIA Karting and WSK competitions, it ensures a significant increase in performance compared to the basic model
– Carburatore testato al banco flussaggio e tarato in maniera ottimale per massimizzare le performance

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The difference on the flow meter between a standard 30mm VHSH carburettor and a 30mm VHSH carburettor flushed by Galiffa Kart tested in the same environmental conditions as the room


The x axis indicates the pressure in [mmH2o], the y axis the flow in [m3 / h]: taking into consideration 4 main points with a pressure increase of 200 [mmH20] you can make all the necessary assessments, demonstrating how a carburettor flushed by Galiffa Kart, as the pressure increases, has a greater flow rate than a standard carburettor from the early stages of the tests, to increase, then, point by point up to the climax of the test with a pressure of 612 [mmH20]. This is a value of no less than 10 [m3 / h] more than a standard carburettor which recorded a maximum flow rate of 164.4 [m3 / h].


In this case, the flow rates inside the carburetors are compared, measured in [m / s]. The X axis of the graph indicates the pressure [mmH20], the y axis the speed on section [m / s]. Reporting both tests of the two carburettors in the graph, it can be seen, always taking into account 4 points, how, as the pressure increases, from the early stages a carburettor flushed by Galiffa Kart has a higher flow speed inside than a standard carburettor! This speed increases progressively with increasing pressure, until reaching the end of the test, a pressure of 600 [mmH20] and a speed of 8.55 [m / s], much higher than the flow rate of 8.07 [m / s] made adjust from the standard carburettor.


First and foremost, Galiffa Kart is a company that has been operating in the karting world for over 20 years, offering truly comprehensive sales and support services. An activity born of the passion of one man, Gianfranco Galiffa, with the ability to make himself heard without ever needing to raise his voice.

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