Galiffa Engines on the Adria Circuit for the 2020 WSK Open Cup.

For the double appointment of the WSK Open Cup 2020, once again, Galiffa engines among the protagonists.

With Viktor Gustavsson’s pole position, Galiffa laid solid foundations for a weekend of brawl and overtaking.In the heats, Leonardo Marseglia and Viktor Gustavsson stand out as they do everything possible to grab a good place in the starting grids of the prefinals. In the Final of Round 1 Marseglia crosses the finish line sixth, followed by Van Hoepen in P7. Gustavsson, fighting for the second position, a contact makes him retreat and from there he begins his comeback of 8 positions closing in P8. Unlucky Pokos who is out on the ninth lap. In the final of Round 2 Marseglia, performing, ends fifth. Difficult moments for Gustavsson, fighting for the top positions, he finishes fourth but drops to ninth position for a 5 second penalty. Pokos combatant who closes in eleventh position while Van Hoepen is out on lap 10.