Galiffa engines at the top of the first round of the KZ2 Fia Karting European Championship 2020.

A demanding weekend on the Adria circuit which brought important results for Galiffa who is positioned on the first and second step of the KZ2 podium with Gustavsson and Cunati. We have worked well since qualifying with Gustavsson’s Pole, and then continue in the heats where the driver of Team Lennox By Leclerc wins 4 out of 4 and Cunati 2 and in the others closes in both in P2. The other drivers also found the right feeling with the Galiffa engines, leading the heats in the best possible way and having the best position on the starting grid of the final. In the top ten of the respective heats Berto, Marseglia, Carbonnel, Pollini, Funda, Luyet S and Luyet J. In the Final, Gustavsson dominates undisturbed followed by a brilliant Simone Cunati. Solid performances by Leonardo Marseglia who crossed the finish line seventh, followed by Pollini in eighth and Berto in tenth position. Combactive Carbonnel and Luyet J, they finish in eleventh and thirteenth position.

 Luyet S, Bizzotto, Balbo, Dahlberg, Pokos, Nilsson, Di Lorenzo, Sjokvist, Van Splunteren and Valenti were less fortunate but still competitive.

In the KZ category, good performances by the CRG driver, Massetani who closes in fifteenth position