At the 29th Andrea Margutti Trophy a great Lorandi that brings the Galiffa Engines on the highest step of the podium.

Last weekend at the South Garda Karting for the 29th Margutti Trophy the incessant rain put the drivers and kart to the test. Alessio Lorandi, who did not go very well for the qualifications, then recovered to the great winning undisputed in the pre-final and final wet, and also recorded the fastest lap of the race. Giacomo Pollini with the first time in the dry has unfortunately had some difficulties that penalized him in the race. In the final, Pollini, who started 20th, had a good performance that allowed him to recover positions, crossing the 13th checkered flag.

The other motorized drivers Galiffa, Bernardotto, Balbo, Calà and Konopka, despite the good performance demonstrated in qualifying due to the difficult weather conditions, did not manage to achieve the desired results.
Next appointment for the Galiffa engines at the WSK Super Master Series on the La Conca circuit in Muro Leccese.