At the 3rd round of the Italian Championship, the Galiffa’S Engines win with Marseglia and Pastorino.

On the Circuito Internazionale Napoli, the third round of the Italian Aci Karting championship, where the Galiffa Engines take the first step of the podium with Leonardo Marsiglia and Andrea Pastorino.

For Galiffa, an intense work that took shape with the conquest of the podium, but also of important performances by all the Galiffa motorized drivers.

In KZ2 Leonardo Marseglia crossed the final 1 finish line 5th, to then finish in the final 2, climbing to the top step of the podium.

Gianni Vigorito, with some initial difficulties, then managed to recover in the finals, taking a good 7th place in both.

Unlucky the championship leader, Simone Cunati, where some problems and a withdrawal in the final 1 prevented him from consolidating his leadership.

Good times for Di Lorenzo, Mizzoni and Bartolini.

KZ Under. In KZ Under to bring the Galiffa engines to the podium is Edoardo Tolfo in the final 1 and Andrea Pastorino in the final 2.

Tolfo, 2nd in qualifying and 4th and 3rd place in the heats, in the final 1 crossed the finish line in 3rd position and in 8th in the final 2.

Pastorino 3rd half in qualifying, 7th and 3rd in the heats. In the final 1, Pastorino, starting from the 4th, finished 5th then, in the final 2 went on to take the victory by winning important points for the championship climb.

Good performances by Fasano, Loddo Alessandro, Loddo Gianmarco and Ambrosio Giuseppe.

KZ Over. Positive weekend in KZ Over for Marco Pagani, with the 2nd time in qualifying, the victory of one heat and the 2nd place in the other. Pagani well knew how to take the 3rd position in the final 1, for him the 5th place in the final 2.

Claudio Tempesti also did well, fighting in the heats, finishing 8th in the final 1 and 6th in the final 2.

Positive the timing of Loddo Riccardo, Loddo Jonni and Fucile Roberto.